InMarch 2016 I will begin practicing neurology full time at the Veterans Administration Medical Center (VAMC) in Martinsburg, West Virginia.  With many regrets, I will close my private medical practice at all locations.

I have enjoyed caring for people in my private practice since 1984, and I have enjoyed the friendship and support of the wonderful people who staff my office.  Now, however, it’s time for me to join a larger health care organization.  For those of you eligible for VAMC care, I would be delighted to see you there.

PLEASE MAKE AN APPOINTMENT WITH ANOTHER SLEEP MEDICINE SPECIALIST, AS SOON AS PRACTICAL, BECAUSE THERE MAY BE A LONG WAIT FOR AN APPOINTMENT.  At your request, I will forward your records to you.  If you prefer, complete the enclosed authorization form, and we will forward your records to another physician.  Your primary care physician may suggest a specialist.   Among the choices I recommend:

For Annandale patients:  Syed Murtaza, MD, board certified psychiatrist and sleep specialist, will be available at least one day a week to care for you in the same office.  For appointments call 800.292.5361, or fax 888.698.8045.

For Leesburg patients:  Board certified sleep specialists from Pulmonary and Critical Care Associates & Sleep Diagnostic Center will be available.  For appointments call 703-318-8157 or go online at:

For Bethesda patients:  Mark Miller, MD, a board-certified pulmonologist and sleep specialist is available at offices in Greenbelt by calling 800-292.5361.  He is available in Olney by calling for Joanne Chandler at 301.774.8736.

I will be available on some days in February and March for follow-up visits to stabilize your care plan.  IF WE HAVE HAD AN OFFICE VISIT AFTER SEPTEMBER 2015, I WILL CONTINUE TO REFILL YOUR PRESCRIPTIONS UNTIL YOU TRANSFER CARE, BUT NOT AFTER AUGUST 1, 2016. 

My staff can help to schedule a last visit.  They can send you forms to request prescription refills.  Please contact them at

I thank you for your confidence over many years, and I thank you in advance for your understanding over the next few months.

Sincerely yours, with best wishes for your future health,

Marc Raphaelson, MD